Upcycled clothes is a collection of artworks that uses old unwanted clothes that are incorporated within the art piece to reduce waste landfills and help with upcycling or recycling clothes.

We know our climate is changing and that in this century we should expect that temperatures will increase winter rainfall will get heavier, increasing the risk of flooding summer rainfall may reduce considerably, creating pressure on water resources sea levels will rise, leading to further coastal erosion and flood risk.

In future, climate change will affect many aspects of our lives, our environment, our business, and our public services. The art artworks created is a small example of what other ways can we adopt to help renew, reuse and recycle some of the materials that would normally go into landfills, rivers or even worse – burnt. The collection is an attempt to educate and help improve awareness, develop sustainable solutions, protect the environment, improve how we manage our natural resources and ultimately what we can do to stop or mitigate the effects of climate change.

The main materials used for creating these art pieces include:

1. Old unwanted clothes from friends & family
2. Old / new canvas
3. Acrylic paints


Commission an art memorabilia by posting a favourite shirt, trouser or any clothes of a loved one to be converted into an art piece. Call or email for further details including colours, style etc. or organise an informal, introductory meeting where I can discuss any requirements, ideas and details. A couple of hours in someone’s company can be invaluable in getting a better understanding.