medium: Acrylic paint on old timer formwork
size: 1.4m x 1m

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Yin & Yang is a painting that symbolises a complex relational concept in Chinese culture. The universe is governed by a cosmic duality, sets of two opposing and complementing principles or energies that found in nature and all around. The white strokes in this painting symbolise the infinite energies that exists and radiates in all directions in order to bring together all that there is moment by moment which is a continuous wave of ups and downs indicated by the endless wave pattern that passes through every circle, or one’s moment, which is a part of a larger circle or circles that flow in all directions. The black background is the space or universal one energy that exists all around. It is required for there to be a form created by light and for a complete whole, ‘circle’ to be. Without one the other does not exist, yet it is all one in the same thing, pure energy.


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