medium: Acrylic paint on canvas
size: 40 x51cm (each piece)

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Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva Trinity is a three-piece painting that represents the forces, explosion of energies found in life, nature and spirit or conscious level. The universal truth found in all matter represented in three forms, each corresponding to one cosmic function: the creator or creative process (Brahma), represented in black and white colour as a symbol of pure light and dark. One can only exist because of the other. the preserver or maintenance process (Vishnu) represented by blue, a symbol of wisdom and knowledge. The transformative or destructive forces (Shiva), in pink as a symbol of love or destroying with love in order to re-make which is most important requirement in order to then better create again or re-create anew (back to the creator – Brahma). An endless process of explosive forces found in entire cosmos and within every conscious being as well. An explosion of energy at various levels performing different functions but all radiating from one point or source. Everything we go through or experience in life and after life is an endless process of create, maintain and transform or destroy in order to make way for re-create in order to evolve, grow and move upward or higher, which is represented by a pyramid or upward pointing shape with the main three points or forces required for an endless evolution or progress. The three pieces, trinity, are therefore positioned or displayed in a triangular three-pointed formation.


Each piece is signed by the artist and you will receive a certificate of authenticity (COA), a signed document that verifies the artwork’s authenticity.


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