medium: Acrylic paint on canvas
size: 96 x 61 cm

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Lightened is a painting that symbolises a man or woman sitting in cross-legged position and focusing on just being in the now, the breath and the energy that flows in and around. The explosion of energy that radiates from the centre of every life to experience everything in and around. The upper body and the lower body is symbolised by two hearts coming together at the centre and exploding all around. The head is symbolised by a circle which is infinite or endless, with no start and no end. The second circle and heart represent enlightenment, or one who is now lighter in many levels after a self-realisation of all. The upward pointing triangle is an energy field we are all live in. The downward triangle is an energy that we are born or come down to this existence or earth with. The circles symbolise infinity or endless experiences. The body indicated as an outline symbolises less dense or lighter person who is always willing to learn, grow, be, experience life now on earth which is symbolised in the background as an Ariel view of earth – land, water, air and all that supports life just to experience it all, both good or bad, doesn’t matter. The blue is fresh water, a river heading into the sea, a giver of life – river Thames. The centre is in middle of central London, that is a symbol or represents the heart or centre of a city that is also a part of a network of all cities and places that are all in turn a part of one centre, the earth, which it too is a part of a bigger all. It’s the awareness, enlightenment and willing to experience it all that lightens one up from all suffering, burdens, problems etc., feel lighter or less thick – denser, and to let all the light in and out.


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