medium: Acrylic on canvas
size: 1.6m x 1.6m

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Balance is a painting that symbolises energy flows, levels of consciousness and the fine line, sweet spot or perfect balance found all around in the body, in the mind, in life, in nature and the entire universe. From the colours found in a rainbow, the centre of the earth, red hot through to deep blue skies, the various colours found in light that we all need and depend on, every atom and particle that we are all made up of, to higher levels of human and spiritual consciousness. The great and powerful forces that is all in and around all, in the green, the centre where life happens and exists. The space, stars planets and many forms that exist, including the centre, the green, where all life is and exists right in the centre of it all, I perfect balance not too hot and not too cold. Yet it all happens in the centre of it all and can only exist with all the rest of the rest of all the immense forces all around. The key to it all is finding the perfect balance and be, just B, enjoying the moment. The short little moment in the grand scale of it all.


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