Rene Chana, born 1970, is a Kenyan-born British visual artist and an architect living and working in south-east London.

His fascination with art, goes back to early childhood when he would spend most days drawing, painting and exploring various cultures, wildlife and nature in East Africa. He also experimented with photography and sculpture while working and learning from local artists, musicians and artisans in Kenya.

Rene moved to London in 2000 where he took up Architecture, studying and working with various architectural firms in London and internationally, while also developing his interest in art.

While studying architecture, Rene coined the term “ARTITECT”, a fusion between Art and Architecture. He does not see art and architecture as separate, but rather as a vital part of infinite parts that assist with creative processes. Fuelling imagination, enriching lives and freeing the mind to express and experience endless possibilities.

As an artist Rene tries not to confine himself to a particular style or thinking, but rather an exploration, adventure and a sense of freedom. Reflecting infinite possibilities, through random or distinctive styles emerging naturally.

The aim is to go deeper and to continue nurturing the ‘artitect’ within. Always watching, listening, learning, growing, changing, exploring, drawing, painting, dancing, singing, laughing, training, travelling, evolving, creating and sharing all of life’s experiences.

“Experience life to the fullest with love, joy, wonder, creativity & respect for all”, rene chana.


  • London Metropolitan University – MA. Urban Design 2009-2010
  • University of Greenwich – BA Hons. & MA. Architecture 2003-2009