Rene is a London based visual artist, decorative artist. photographer and an architect.

He was born and raised in Nairobi Kenya, where he worked as an visual artist, photographer, special effects painter & decorator and a fine art teacher, before moving to London in 2000. He continued working as an artist and with various architect firms in London while studying architecture and urban design at Greenwich University and the London Met University.

As an artist Rene tries not confine himself to a particular style but rather an exploration, interpretation and reflection of infinite possibilities, through random or distinctive styles emerging from the moment, that captures a deeper sense of emotion, involvement, freedom and a process that fosters creativity. He aims to create works that have a deeper meaning, celebrates life and make the viewer not only wonder but wander off into their own imagination, interpretation, experience and deeper sense of realisation. The basis of his artistic creation is rooted in decades of observing, questioning, and searching. He researches the interpretations rather than the technique of old masters, alongside nature, people and culture, while including them in his own observations.

His interest and experience in interior decorating, special paint effects and colourist has inspired him to expand his service to provide a decor.ating service along with art and architecture. He fronts a small friendly team of London’s finest creative designers, decorative artists, artisans & craftsmen who assist Rene in creating some of the worlds finest interiors.